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Corporate Video Production Services & Podcasts

High Perceptions is pleased to add our new Video Production capability to our wide range of services, providing total video production services for our business clients.

Offering a total videoing and editing solution, we will take you through the initial planning and scripting of your production, through to the distribution of your finished corporate film. Alternatively some clients prefer to avail of stand-alone strands of this service, such as filming, editing existing footage or scripting.

If your company has considered the advantages of producing a corporate video on which to showcase your products or services and you wish to work with a straight talking company, we would be delighted to take you through this process.

By combining our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we will deliver your message on screen with minimum fuss but with maximum impact. Clients will then be able to apply this production to a wide range of mediums, such as TV, your company website, mobile telephone etc

Showreel video showing footage shot using our UAV service

Elevated Mast HD Video Services

As well as capturing Elevated Photographs, High Perceptions also provides Elevated Video Services.

This service has a wide range of uses such as:

Sporting Events

News Reports for Television Stations

Television & Documentary filming

Movie Filming


Traffic Control

Corporate Video Production

The list is endless, whatever you need Elevated Video for, High Perceptions is here to help you.

Rather than availing of the traditional method of hiring expensive cherry pickers and scaffolding, High Perceptions uses modern video equipment with HD capability to capture exactly what you want at a time you want. 

This service is an ideal way for your business to cut costs and maintain the edge over your competitors. Our service also does away with any Health and Safety issues surrounding other methods of obtaining elevated footage.

Whilst the camera is filming from above, the user, whether it be our team or one of your own crew or camerapersons, can sit in the comfort of our fully kitted van and view the images from above via a LCD TV screen and also control the camera functions rotating it through 360° up, down, left and right.

Clients are also free to take all the footage captured immediately. However High Perceptions has a professional team that can undertake any editing needs or assist with any part of the process.

Due to the very different purposes for which this service can be used and be availed off, we recommend you contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

We are happy to let other professionals in your own company use and control our equipment whilst it is in the air, but clients should be aware that this is under our supervision only.

Below is a quick example of aerial video footage using our mast which was required to monitor vehicle speeds at an accident scene:



We also provide slideshows which can incorporate photographs and video. Please see below video of an example that was done for a wedding

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