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Elevated Photography & Video Services


Below are elevated photos that were taken using our 100ft elevated mast system


(For information on how this system works, please see video on homepage of this website). 



Sample work previously carried out by High Perceptions

Aerial Video clips of Football pitches using our Quadcopter

The first video below was part of a fundraising inititive trying to raise funds for our local football club. But please skip through the video unto the 5th minute., as there is a short video clip here that will show you how our Aerial UAV service may be beneficial to you for any future marketing campaigns. The second video is our company show reel.

Recent example of Time-lapse camera on a Construction site

There wasn't much progress during the 5 weeks on site that this camera was installed but it will give you an idea of what type of footage and service these fixed cameras can provide. Timelapse cameras are a great marketing tool that lets you see your project progress by series of photos all in order from start to finish and can be played for whatever length of time you desire on your website. 

Aerial Photography using our UAV (Quad-copter)

Extended use for Aerial UAV Photography Service

Another way in which our UAV Photography service can be used is to determine areas of concern during pitch construction. These areas of concern cannot be seen from the ground but only when directly above the surface. They can also serve to satisfy the contractor that the pitch has developed as planned. Please see below examples. 

Examples of our 360 Virtual Tour Service

Please click on tour, hold and drag

Other uses 

High Perceptions has carried out work for various types of Contractors.


A lot of Companies are using the service to show before, during and after photos of their sites for purposes of keeping records.


The photos also can help them with many other tasks such as site planning, building progress, marketing, site documentation, surveys etc.


Elevated/Aerial video site surveys & ground survey

Using our elevated mast mast photography system in conjunction with our video cameras we can provide an elevated site video survey. 


We can pan and tilt the camera when erected on the mast giving wide views of the site and can also zoom in and out as required.


High Perceptions can also complement this service by also providing a ground based survey as well and full editing services to meet your requirements.


By using our UAV for aerial flyovers of the site we can complement any other type of video/photos taken whilst on site.

Whatever your photographing/production needs are, High Perceptions will strive to meet your requirements both professionally & efficiently. 



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