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Road traffic accidents 

High Perceptions is regularly retained by solicitors and insurance companies to photographically record the characteristics and location of the physical evidence at road traffic accident sites.
Using our equipment we can clearly survey Road junctions and traffic measures from above. This is useful for a variety of things such as Planned new junctions & Consultation on ‘accident blackspots or for accident reports.

Our Elevated Photos of accident blackspots are important from several different perspectives:-

1. Roads Service, local authorities -- A clear aerial photographed picture is available straight away, illustrating unmistakably, all the sight lines, road furniture, junctions and road markings. Often these minor details can be overlooked when looking at plans or analysing data, so they become more apparent when viewed from an aerial perspective. An aerial mast photograph, or set of photographs, helps road planners/engineers consider improvements and alterations to help reduce accidents at a location.


2. Insurance Companies -  Insurance company claims adjudicators can effortlessly verify witness statements and instantly get a better understanding of the scene of the accident by referring to an aerial view of the site. In instances where claims are being made against local authorities or third parties, an aerial photograph can be so helpful in influencing a decision often made by people not skilled in the field of accident scene analysis.

​3. Local Authorities -  A set of aerial photographs taken from our 26m mast will help accident investigators analyze contributing factors to repeated accidents at a particular location. These photographs help to build an overall case for discussion between local authorities and the Police regarding possible changes/improvements to road layout etc.

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