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High Perceptions Elevated Photography Services to assist Property Sales


Please see Video below which demonstrates how our mast equipment works





Photos below show the difference using our equipment can make while photographing a property for advertising purposes

More examples are available on our website

Below are examples of property and site photos taken using our Aerial Quadcopter


The video clip below shows our Aerial Quadcopter in action. Although used in a construction setting the video clip will allow you to see how this type of footage may help when advertising stately homes or large properties with extensive lands. 

Aerial Video of a Construction site using our Quadcopter

We currently have full UK CAA Permission and Insurances to operate this service within the UK and are in the process of applying for IAA permission to operate within Irish Airspace.

Examples of our 360 Virtual Tour Service

Please view tours on a PC with adobe flash player installed. Tours can be made to work on Apple and Android devices

Please click on tour, hold and drag

The services above could all be enlisted individually or as a package. However due to the very differing natures of client requirments and possible large distances to be travelled it is very difficult to provide accurate pricing.


If you feel that our services may be of benefit to you and your clients, please contact us to outline your requirements and we could work out a quote from there.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime

Whatever your photographing/production needs are, High Perceptions will strive to meet your requirements both professionally & efficiently. 




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