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Property Marketing

Before a potential buyer thinks of setting foot on a property the photographs in the sales brochure must look appealing. The photos must not only put across the property’s full potential but they also need to express the scale of the building and be able to set it within its surrounding landscape. High Perceptions can provide such images for residential, commercial and industrial properties as shown in the examples of commissioned work below:

Property Marketing - Commercial

  • Industrial, retail, and office premises

  • High quality aerial photographs for marketing brochures

  • Photographs highlight features that enhance the property such as loading areas, car parking, amenity areas, and landscapes

  • More attractive front and side elevations become the focal point of the photograph and not the roof

Property Marketing – Residential

The aerial view from our mast photography system can emphasise the setting of the property and also highlight important marketing features such as attractive landscaped gardens and natural features.  Unlike traditional aerial photography, we can ensure that large areas of roof do not dominate the image allowing the more attractive front and side elevations of the property to become the main subject of the photograph.

Property Marketing – Pubs and Hotels

High Perceptions can capture low-level aerial photographs of both pubs and hotels to highlight the personality of the property and the unique setting within its eye-catching surroundings.  The view from our mast can emphasise individual attractions such as attractive gardens, outdoor eating areas, parking and access for disabled and facilities for children
The images can also be used to create unique merchandising products for your events management team and also for promotional purposes or whatever else you may require them for.

Property Marketing – Agricultural Property

High Perceptions can add real value to the marketing of agricultural properties such as farmhouses, smallholdings, barns and fields.

Our images can be the solution to providing an aerial view of the widespread layouts of old farm buildings and which capture the size, extent and setting of the property especially for use in sales brochures.
Our service can provide the ‘money shot’ from an aerial viewpoint.

Auction Photography

Auctions are fast becoming a popular way of selling for Estate agents, (Commercial and Residential).


Because of the nature of buying a property through Auction, prospective customers can only see so much of the property and can only hear/read about the detail of the building.

However, low cost aerial photographs are not only ideal for advertising the property but they also show the size of the building and outlaying area which gives that particular property an edge when it comes to the bidding, therefore this may lead to the property selling for a higher price than would have been originally had it not been for the excellent and persuasive elevated photos.

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