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Planning Issues

Elevated photographs for planning appeals, land development and environmental issues are now a steady area of business for High Perceptions.

The photos are regularly retained by contractors, builders and those who are trying to get sites passed to provide support when it comes to planning their appeal.

Gaining or appealing planning permission can be a strenuous task. An aerial image of the area in question can help clarify your argument and show your case to have real merit.

If you think we can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to Contact us

Case study

Below is an example of a proposed residential site for a 2 storey house (site outlined in red). 


Photos taken at different angles of the site can display the location of the site and its surrounding area, this will help whilst trying to explain the proposed development to a third party.


Also included is a 360 degree virtual tour. This is basically where I walked into the centre of the site and set up my portable mast system. Once set up, I erected the mast to approx 35/40ft in the air and did a complete 360 degree tour. (Locations of set-ups can be marked on an OS map if required).

This tour allows you to manually look around the proposed site 360 degrees left/right, up/down and at your own pace. I can carry out these tours at various heights from the ground right up to a height of 70ft.


This service may benefit you and your clients as it could possibly demonstrate the good qualities of the proposed site that the Planners just don’t see from a set of plans or photos taken from ground level.

The mast system is also excellent for providing line of sight surveys.

Elevated 360 degree Virtual Tour from centre of proposed site: (flash player required)
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