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Photographic Evidence

High Perceptions provides a cost-effective way of producing low-level aerial photographs that can be used as evidence in courtrooms without the need for expensive aircraft or any worries concerning flight restrictions.

Our shots can quickly and easily express information in a form that everyone can quickly grasp. It puts the circumstances or location in perspective, as well as capturing important detail that on first inspection can easily be missed at ground level.

There are many advantages to be gained from this method of presenting photographic evidence. The equipment can capture views, ranging over a wide area, which may show details that cannot be picked up at ground level or when photographed from an aircraft.

This photographic record can be a key support of witness statements or can provide a key negotiation utensil for early settlement. Also the photography can be undertaken days, weeks or even years after the event to highlight important detail.

Other ways in which our services may be used for Photographic evidence are:

• Accident Photography
• Personal Injury Claims
• Road Traffic Accidents
• Crime Scenes
• Insurance claims
• Boundary disputes
• Planning appeals
• Environmental Issues
• Building surveys

High Perceptions provide a very worthwhile service to professionals within the legal area and have worked with solicitors and insurance companies on numerous cases.

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