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Film Location Scouting & Services

High Perceptions help has previously been enlisted to help with location scouting for film productions.

This is where we are basically asked to attend chosen sites/locations and undertake elevated photographs along with ground based and aerial 360 degree tours. 

These elevated photos and tours give the producers and set designers, a feel for the location before they even have to visit it to see if it is suitable.  This usually saves film production companies huge effort and costs because normally they would have to send over persons on a plane and put them up for a few days in a hotel whilst they evaluate the site. 

High Perceptions not only removes these unnecessary expenses, but we will have state of the art equipment on site and be able to capture the photos that any representatives standing on the ground with a digital camera wont.

Of course though, we are more than happy to meet with location scouts on site to demonstrate our equipment and let them advise us on what photos to capture in order to ensure they get the shots and angles required.

Please see some examples of our elevated videos, photos and virtual tours below:

High Perceptions UAV service Showreel video 


Aerial Video using UAV to document the Historic Old Cross of Ardboe Cemetery on the shores of Lough Neagh

360 Virtual tour at a disused quarry in Northern Ireland. This location was recently used by a major production company in the making of a multi million dollar TV series

Example of an aerial 360 tour in a local village in 

County Tyrone

High Perceptions equipment could assist your filming needs

High Pereceptions  elevated mast & UAV systems may be able to help you with your filming needs.

If you have a shot that requires extra height, we can place a camera onto our mast and be able to provide a stable platform for the camera to sit up to 40ft in the air without shaking. Using our UAV service which is operated by a fully licenced and approved UK CAA Pilot we can film HD footage at heights of up to 400ft.

Using our mast system the cameras operator can sit inside our mobile studio on the ground and control the cameras functions as well as making sure it is pointed in the correct direction. A pan and tilt head allows camera to be rotated in any direction left to right, up or down.

Our mobile studio is fitted with a leisure battery and power inverter which provides an independent power source once on site no matter how isolated the location is.

We also have portable masts available should our vehicle not be able to access a certain location.

If you think that this is a service which may be of use to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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