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Building Surveys

High Perceptions mast photography allows a cost effective method of inspecting the external structure of buildings.
Old methods of assessing the condition of the external structure of buildings range from binoculars, cherry pickers and scaffolding. All of these methods have their limitations & dangers.

Local authorities and Contractors have a legal obligation to ensure as far as reasonably possible, that the building is free from the risk of falling building material hitting pedestrians or other property. Our mast system is ideal for this purpose.

The system allows inspections to be made from a distance away from the building avoiding any contact with the building.
While using our equipment from the ground the surveyor can see on our monitor exactly what the camera is looking at and zoom in to take as many detailed photographs as they require.

We can normally undertake a full photographic survey of a medium sized building in a day, depending up the layout and surrounding site of the building.

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