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Aerial Golf Course Tours

High Perceptions are now offering a new service which can help you market your golf course in a way which it has never been seen before.


Using our GPS & remote guided UAVs accompanied with high quality HD cameras we can provide aerial flyovers of each hole as seen on the PGA Tour courses on TV.


Using this service to Market your Golf Course can add many benefits to your Club such as:

  • By using Youtube or a similar service and by displaying an aerial video of each hole embedded on your website, this will encourage visitors to stay on your website longer which in turn may lead to increased sales activity whether it be by selling a tee time, receiving a booking from a golf society or a guest taking out annual club membership. The possibilities are endless and can only be encouraging.


  • The videos when online can be used to market your course on the ever growing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can regularly keep posting individual videos through one of these or both accounts to keep your course on peoples minds and grow your clubs own social media accounts with likes and followers. This will also drive traffic towards your website potentially increasing sales. 

  • By having an Aerial Golf Tour done of your course this can help you gain an advantage over your competitors and it also lets visitors to your website and viewers on your social media accounts see that your are investing in it and want to see your course/club grow. 

  • You can help cover the costs of the package by approaching local businesses to sponsor each video. The sponsors logo can be displayed for the duration of the video and a link can be provided in the video description to take the viewer to the sponsors own website. 

Please view below, our packages and previous samples of work carried out below

Standard Package


  • Aerial Tours of 18 Holes

  • HD Footage

  • Voiceover

  • Aerial Photos of each hole edited to show course logo and hole details

  • Flyover of clubhouse/Main facility

  • Licensed Music



Small travel charges may occur if large distance to be travelled

Mini Package

  • Aerial Tours of up to 3 holes

  • Aerial Photos of up to3 holes

  • Short Aerial flyover video of the course

  • Up to 10 assorted aerial photos of the course.










Small travel charges may occur if large distance to be travelled

Custom Package

If neither of these packages suit your needs, please call us with for a freindly chat and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and work out a quote 



Optional Extras are available such as: 

  • 3D Graphics/Course Markers

  • QR Codes for Videos


Aerial Flyover Videos

Below are Aerial Videos of the Holes at Killymoon Golf Course in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Videos were undertaken to help promote the course and also an upcoming national event, 'The Bank of Ireland UK Irish Junior Open'.

Hole 14

Hole 18

We can also put together an 18 hole video which can play on a loop in your clubroom. This video provides an excellent talking point for members and visitors to the course and can also enhance the Clubs appearance and professionalism among other golf courses.

Please contact us and we will send you a link to one previously completed.

Aerial Photos of Holes

Below are Aerial photos of the Holes at Killymoon Golf Course in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Photos were undertaken to help promote the course and give players and website visitors an overview of the holes and their surroundings along with hole information.

Other Course and Club Photos

Using our UAV & Elevated Mast Photography systems we also captured other photos around the course which could also be used for marketing and website purposes. Please see examples below;

The Process

Upon initial interest expressed a member of our team will travel to meet with you to discuss your requirements and also carry out a Pre Site Survey of the course to identify any obstacles or hazards to flight operations should you wish to proceed. This will supply our Pilot with knowledge of any hazards which may possibly impact flight operations on the day and allow him time to come up with a solution before shoot is carried out. 


Also on the day of the shoot another On Site Survey will be carried out by the Pilot to ensure everything is OK to proceed with flight operations.


Should you wish to have a voiceover included in the video, a quick meeting can be held with Course Pro to gather a script for each voiceover of how hole should be played.


On the day of the shoot you will not be required to shut the course. Our team would aim to be at the course early morning or at a time of your choosing that the course is normally quiet. We aim to operate causing minimal disruption. The Pilot will have at least one observer with him and one of the observers jobs will be to keep/remind public to maintain a safe distance from the Pilot and flightpath. This will all be covered on the brief issued to you before flight operations take place.


Providing there are no issues with weather and that we get a 'free run' at it, filming and photos can normally be completed in 5-6 hours. We would also request (where possible) the use of a buggy for the duration of the shoot as we have a lot of equipment to carry.  



Once we have completed the video/photo shoot based on your requirements, we will then edit it and send it to you. Edit can take up to 2 weeks depending on your requirements. If you require it sooner, please advise and we will strive to meet your deadline. 

Footage will be supplied in a format that you can play on your website. 


If your website does not have the capability to show video we can host it on our website with a link from your site to open up in a pop up window.


If you require any further information please contact us. 

Upon Completion

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